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Various - Reggae Tribute to the Beatles (целых 3CD)


Beatles + Reaggae = интересное сочетание. Отдельно порадовали The Mohawks и Susan Cadogan; хотя бы тем что они есть. Битрейт не помню, но высокий, кажется hi quality vbr; как минимум 192.

Coming from the traditional reggae label Trojan it's a reggae tribute to the Fab Four packed with hammond organs and laidback calypso beats. The first CD and occasional tracks didn't go through the best of mas- tering processes (I doubt there was any mastering at all), so from time to time you'll hear vinyl pops or crackling. But that's Trojan... they never were keen on achieving perfection. Especially 'Yesterday' on
the first CD deliveres the whole package: altering speed and pops. It is on the CD like that and if you would like to buy this release (see link above) feel free to proper it. For release year kindly refer to the link above as well. Coverscans included. Enjoy!

Ещё музыка reggae/dub на релаксе: http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=zencd&keyword=dub&filter=all

Tracklisting and links
101-dandy-yesterday-ck.mp3 3.9 mb
102-john_holt-hey_jude-ck.mp3 4 mb
103-the_israelites-come_together-ck.mp3 3.5 mb
104-phylis_dillon-something-ck.mp3 4.6 mb
105-nicky_thomas-let_it_be-ck.mp3 3.9 mb
106-anonymously_yours-get_back-ck.mp3 4 mb
107-joess_allstars-hey_jude-ck.mp3 4 mb
108-keith_lynn_with_byron_lee-my_sweet_lord-ck.mp3 4.4 mb
109-del_davis-world_without_love-ck.mp3 2.9 mb
110-the_maytals-give_peace_a_chance-ck.mp3 3.7 mb
111-the_crystalites-lady_madonna-ck.mp3 3.1 mb
112-nicky_thomas-isnt_it_a_pity-ck.mp3 9.6 mb
113-harry_j_allstars-dont_let_me_down-ck.mp3 4.3 mb
114-roslyn_sweet_and_the_paragons-blackbirds_singing-ck.mp3 3.4 mb
115-b_b_seaton-eleanor_rigby-ck.mp3 3.7 mb
116-johnny_arthey_orchestra-world_without_love-ck.mp3 3.8 mb

201-jackie_edwards-yesterday-ck.mp3 3.9 mb
202-ken_boothe-my_love-ck.mp3 5 mb
203-john_holt-happy_xmas_(war_is_over)-ck.mp3 7.5 mb
205-the_rudies-my_sweet_lord-ck.mp3 3.6 mb
204-johnny_arthey_orchestra-something-ck.mp3 3.8 mb
206-marshall_williams-norwegian_wood-ck.mp3 2.2 mb
207-joyce_bond-ob_la_di_ob_la_da-ck.mp3 3.9 mb
208-the_dynamites-hey_jude-ck.mp3 3.6 mb
209-john_holt-i_will-ck.mp3 6.4 mb
210-marcia_griffiths-dont_let_me_down-ck.mp3 4.2 mb
211-jackie_robinson-in_my_life-ck.mp3 5.6 mb
212-jackie_robinson-in_my_life_(version)-ck.mp3 5.9 mb

301-dobby_dobson-carry_that_weight-ck.mp3 3.3 mb
302-dobby_dobson-carry_that_weight_(more)-ck.mp3 3.2 mb
303-susan_cadogan-imagine-ck.mp3 3.9 mb
304-fitzroy_sterling-my_sweet_lord-ck.mp3 3.6 mb
305-the_mohawks-let_it_be-ck.mp3 7.2 mb
306-susan_cadogan-something-ck.mp3 3.9 mb
307-errol_dunkley-you_never_know_(ill_be_back)-ck.mp3 4.6 mb
308-the_mohawks-and_i_love_her-ck.mp3 3.3 mb
309-sugar_minott-all_day_night_(a_hard_days_night)-ck.mp3 4.1 mb
310-ernie_smith-you_wont_see_me-ck.mp3 6.8 mb
311-ken_lazarus-my_sweet_lord-ck.mp3 5.4 mb
314-dawn_penn-here_comes_the_sun-ck.mp3 4.7 mb
312-sharon_forrester-here_comes_the_sun-ck.mp3 4.3 mb
313-desmond_dekker-blackbirds_singing-ck.mp3 5.7 mb
315-the_heptones-ob_la_di_ob_la_da-ck.mp3 4.3 mb
316-rico_and_the_rudies-hey_jude-ck.mp3 3.8 mb
317-tyrone_taylor-yesterday-ck.mp3 3.7 mb
318-the_soulettes-let_it_be-ck.mp3 4.3 mb
va-a_tribute_to_the_beatles_reggae_style-3cd-2003-ck.nfo 11 kb
va-a_tribute_to_the_beatles_reggae_style-3cd-back_cover-ck.jpg 371 kb
va-a_tribute_to_the_beatles_reggae_style-3cd-front_cover-ck.jpg 332 kb
va-a_tribute_to_the_beatles_reggae_style-3cd-yesterday_part_1-ck.jpg 454 kb
va-a_tribute_to_the_beatles_reggae_style-3cd-yesterday_part_2-ck.jpg 125 kb
va-a_tribute_to_the_beatles_reggae_style-3cd-yesterday_part_3-ck.jpg 357 kb
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