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December Nightskies with Scott Lawlor - EF5 Tornado

Artists: December Nightskies with Scott Lawlor
Album: EF5 Tornado
Label / Release date: 45 Echoes Sounds || 2016 25 Sept.
Style: Dark Ambient, Space Drone, Field Recordings


EF5 Tornado is a dark ambient collaboration from December Nightskies (Kendall Keeler) and Scott Lawlor. This is a concept album thought of by December Nightskies and based off of the EF5 Tornado that destroyed Moore Oklahoma in 2013.

1. Springtime In Oklahoma (19:24)
2. Sign Of Impending Devastation (9:02)
3. Season Of Severe Weather Alerts (31:18)
4. The Tornado Is Coming This Way (8:21)
5. Rebuilding The City (3:42)

Album more Info:

The songs used for the album are:
1. Springtime In Oklahoma - Meadows Of Summer by Scott Lawlor and I'm Alone In The Mountains And Realizing Life And Death Is Based On Every Decision I Make by December Nightskies and birds recorded by December Nightskies

2. Sign Of Impending Devastation - storm recorded by December Nightskies in April 2016 and link for the tornado siren http://freesound.org/people/

3. Season Of Severe Weather Alerts - Drone Excursion 6 by Scott Lawlor and Of Creative Devastation by December Nightskies

4. The Tornado Is Coming This Way - The 4th Word - Eli Eli lama sabachthani by Scott Lawlor and Hypothermia by December Nightskies

5. Rebuilding The City - The Foreshadowing Of Entombment by Scott Lawlor and The First Day Of Snow by December Nightskies

link for album art:

Artists Info:
December Nightskies is a dark ambient/space/drone/electronic band from Kendall Keeler of Oklahoma USA. Kendall started creating music in 2008 under the name Black Winds then later changed his band name to December Nightskies.
December Nightskies Web: https://decembernightskies.wordpress.com/

Scott Lawlor is an ambient musician from Texas who composes in various subgenres including dark ambient, cosmic and space music, light ethereal ambient and concept albums.He is also host of the internet radio program The Blind Flight on the stillstream network.
Scott Lawlor Web: https://scottlawlor.bandcamp.com

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